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lace code and cosplay??

im working on a spiderpunk cosplay based on the new spiderman movie and i noticed in most of the references he has a blue lace tied around his leg. i wanna stay true to the character but im worried that the blue lace could get me into trouble. is lace code dead enough that i can wear it/will it matter because of the in-universe explanation, or will it get me into trouble? i may be walking around outside the con as well so i dont want to get into legal trouble or anything for people who arent aware of the character.

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Reply by SiNk_ScVm


Lace code is dead, no matter what. Don't worry. Lace code has been dead for a long while. They're are small exceptions depending on where you live. So just overall unless your local scene exists and uses lace code then you're good. However I wouldn't worry either way

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Reply by worm


lace code is dead, and even if it wasn't it's regional so anyone who saw your cosplay would think something different of the laces. dw about lace code nobody outside the internet even thinks about it anymore. 

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