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any portal fans here?? =^-^=

Posted by inkysplash


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hiiii do ppl still like portal these days?? im real obsessed with it rn and id love 2 talk to some1 about it !! portal is such a good game !! the mods are pretty cool too, kinda hard to choose a favorite mod bc i like both portal stories mel and aperture tag xd (i dont care if aperture tag was quote unquote bad i love it more than anything, nigel my beloved) 

anyways, if you know abt portal, whos ur fav character? can be more than one, not limited to canon characters btw (cough cough mods cores cough cough virgil and nigel coooooough)

i cant rlly choose a fav cus all of them are pretty likeable but if i had to choose id probs say wheatley (basic answer i know xd), i also like both virgil and nigel (virgil is from portal stories mel and nigel is from aperture tag)

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Reply by Ki0xIzDead


O yea i luv portal series sm !! n my fav character iz probably Space core lol XD he such a silly

n Wheatley also !! i waz obsessed w these two xP

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