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Anyone here expecting new AA stuff this showcase?

i'm personally quite sure that there won't be new Ace Attorney stuff in the Capcom showcase tomorrow since they're focusing on the Ghost Trick remaster, but i have some mates all hyped up for a second trilogy relaunch, AAI2 localization, and even for an AA7 announcement, so i got curious to know what you guys think and if you all think there will be new Ace Attorney stuff this next showcase :p

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Reply by Calbia


I have no clue


I just got into ace attorney recently, I've been playing the trilogy on my 3ds, I'm on trials and tribulations rn

so I don't really know a lot about that stuff

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Reply by dragoness_


even tho it's pretty unlikely with the aj trilogy port being announced, i'm desperately hoping for an aa7 or at least a proper sequel to AJ, especially because we never really find out the meaning of kristoph's black lock (also i just want more aa content to fuel my raging hyperfixation but whatever)

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Reply by ⚣。 Klavier


Ik this post is months..(?) old.. But hey... AJ got localized... We win.. (Klavier looks a lil odd there but hey!) 

AA7 soon.. I trust. I will b waiting for it. 

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