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Splatoon Coroika Comics Discusion

Posted by Niles


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Does the comic feel to fast paced for anyone else?

The comics always just seems like its moving a little to fast for me tbh its like ill look at one panel and see a fight then all of the sudden someone just instantly gets splatted in the next panel. I feel like it could of used some better paceing and maybe extend more stuff out? Ive only read up to number 7 and number 7 really didnt make much sense either lmao. I get that its a comic about a kids game so ofc its gonna be childish but i dont think thats enough for agent 8 to randomly pull guns out of his ass talking about he just found them and fixed them??

anyways, I would love to get anyone elses opinion on this :)

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Reply by Dedf1sh ᔦꙬᔨ


Idk really about it being fast but I do know about seeing Goggles damn booty cheeks every time I try to read even one page

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