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Rules! [pinned]

Posted by poppyp


Forum: Genshin Gang Group

Forum Rules

-- I'm sorry I forgot to make a rules post when I first made this group, here are the group rules for those interested. If you don't wanna read them all, feel free, but just know that ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from punishment. --

Strike System
The 1st and 2nd infractions will be met with a warning and a removal of your post.
The 3rd will result in a ban.

As a disclaimer, this group abides by ALL of Spacehey's rules. Please read them first.

  • No Bullying or Harassment
    In general. Even if someone "deserves it," bullying or harassment will not be tolerated. This includes callout posts, drama posts, or just talking about any user whatsoever in an unfavorable manner. Please do not expect staff to understand whether or not you're joking when you insult another user. If you want to be playfully rude with your friends, do so in private.

  • No Shipping Discussion
    This doesn't mean you can't talk about your favorite ship, post ship art, or post your shipping fanfiction. This rule is 100% about the "discussion" part. Do not argue about ships, which one is more valid, which one is toxic, etc. etc. You are free to ship whatever the heck you want here and, no you are not allowed to tell others they are wrong for not shipping the same cartoon characters as you.

  • Stay On-Topic
    This is only a Forum Rule. You can talk about your day, ask everyone what they're up to, and even share your favorite book in the bulletins. But please try to stay somewhat on topic. This is a forum about Genshin Impact and getting to know other people who like Genshin Impact. If you're confused about what to post, just try to keep it to those two topics.

  • No Untagged Spoilers
    Even if the spoiler is literally for the tutorial, someone could be joining this group to find out what Genshin Impact fans are like, see what the gameplay is like, or simply look at some artwork. You never know ! Don't assume that everyone in the forum is caught up on the story and please put the word "Spoiler" and some description of what the spoiler is for in the title of your post so you don't ruin any fun plot points for some unassuming browsers !

Above all, please try to remember the person. Please try to remember that there is a human being behind that username and profile picture. That whatever you say to them will stick with them even after they turn off their computer screen.

Even if you mess up and break one of the rules, if you feel that you understand your mistake and are willing to follow them afterwards, or that you don't understand what you did wrong and want an explanation, just message me and I'll try and work things out for you !

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