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how do css?

please to hel;p do not how to computer

(all jokes aside please i have no idea what i'm doing)

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Reply by Quentin


All css goes inside of <style> tags. 

Then each element that you are wanting to change the styles of  goes inside of the style tags.

W3 Schools has some great resources for learning HTML/CSS.

Example of what I was saying above:


Background: green;


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Reply by Macky


words make profile look nice

in all seriousness, this profile really helped me pinpoint the classes that is defined in the HTML

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Reply by Darohan


From memory, W3 Schools has some good tutorials. I learnt on CodeAcademy some years ago, but I think they're paid-only now :/

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Reply by Alveus Nosville


once you know how to use div tags you don't need anything more

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Reply by MossCarpet


This is kinda late but here are some resources:

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