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Any good places to get accesories/clothes in Fukuoka ?

A friend of mine is going there for a month and I need to ask her to get some things for me. Any good shops where they may have a handful of things? 

I'm talking rings, necklaces, hairclips, headdresses, bracelets, pins, plaid ties, PLAID EVERYTHING, cool gloves, etc.

I'm highly into punk and gothic lolita, ouji and any alternative style that can be included in everyday 'normal' outfits, when I'm not all dressed up. 

I'm a guy by the way, and I dislike wearing dresses and things that are considered feminine by standard, it's just a personal preference no hate towards the guys who do it I'm actually very supportive about it, just dislike it with my body type.

Thanks, let me know if you know anything!

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