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Introduce Yourself! [pinned]

Posted by receptions


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Hi and welcome to uhh OC Purgatory? OC Hell? We all suffer lovingly here. This isn't necessary, but feel free to share a little bit about yourself and your journey as a character creator! Try not to add large images to your post so that people can scroll and read easily.

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Reply by receptions


i'll start off here, feel free to use my intro as a base for yours if you'd like.

i'm rocco and i've been making OCs since i was baby. i'm a serial fantasizer to get out of my brain. my oldest character that's still a part of my main story today goes back to 2012, but i have many older ones that are now retired. i draw, write, 3d model, and mod them into games because i'm gay and lame like that. 

my current most favoritest character is darren and i made him back in 2014. he's basically my persona, though he is also his own character. he's a hardcore musician living in las vegas that's struggling to make ends meet while battling with unrequited passions. here's an old cropped scribble of him that i think is cute:

on spacehey i'm using my character alice as my persona. he's part of darren's universe and is friends with darren's bassist. uhh that's it for now nya

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Reply by Dellie


Hi-oooooo I'm Del or Dellie if we're being cute, and i've been making OCs since i was 8. Originally it started off with just me fantasizing and creating who I'd be in an ideal world but then it bloomed into a full oc obsession. my oldest character was originally just a rip off of Mio from K-On! but after I learned that I could create my own stuff, I created my first oc with originally are around 2013, i am more on the creative side, I can create the basis of the oc but can't draw them, I also write and impliment them into my webcomic. 

my current favorite is my character Circus Tantac, she is for my Homestuck inspired webcomic and she's a huuuuuuge lesbian, I love her:

Circus Tantac

My pfp actually is another character in the same webcomic, her name is Dellphine Cashiass, I have way more, but these are my faves so yeah... Feel free to ask me about them, TTFN!

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Reply by receptions


welcome in!!! thank you so much for joining :D

@Dellie Circus is so cute! i love her name! i have quite a few homestuck characters also from about a decade ago. they were so much fun to develop and make quirks and stuff for. actually, the character i talk about in my intro that's my oldest of my main characters was converted from one of those homestuck fan characters!

@AfterHours UR ART IS SO COOL!!!! the images aren't loading for me right now but when i checked this last night i was so blown away. *gives him a hug* thank you for sharing!!

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Reply by Madam Meows-A-Lot


Greetings, fellow great warriors, I am Madam Cat, Great Queen of The Chaos Kingdom.

My OC, is Maria, Great Warrior. Though there be no image here, for I am unable to figure out how to upload great image, I shall describe her in well detail, as well as I can, and as well as I must.

She be a Grey, Bipedal, Cat. She attempts to be goth, but fails miserably due to misunderstanding what Goth is. She comes from the European nation of Bulgaria, and speaks with heavy Bulgarian accent.


^^^ This be her. This art was drawn by Great Friend. I have the permission from great friend, to post and use. I am unaware if they have spacehey account. The great friend of Nuggets-A-Lot, is great artist.

She is clearly a great warrior, with glorious post it on her head indicating her great skills in combat.

She be based off me, Madam Cat, Great Queen of Chaos Kingdom. She be Unlabeled in the sexuality, with no interest in Men. She be also polyamorous.

She also has numerous mental issues and, in story, has died.

However, she has trained great birds known as ravens, and accidentally made them smart. Now they get high and do science and shit.

She is clearly great warrior.

Yes yes good bye message now 

-Madam Cat,

Great Queen

Chaos Kingdom

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