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Forum: OC Purgatory Group

All Spacehey rules apply, but here's a bit of extra to keep this group safe and fun.

What types of characters can I post?

All types of characters that you have created are welcome! They can be completely original or made to be put in someone else's universe (like a fan character). No canon characters or characters you have made from altering canon characters (like an AU or a character 'fix') are allowed. However, all forms of media depicting your character are welcome. Not an artist? That's ok! You can still share character descriptions, stories, music, etc and take part in discussions.

General Rules

  • Keep images and descriptions PG-13, regardless of how dark your story or character is.
  • Tag any triggers at the start of a post. What you tag is up to you, so please use your best judgement.
  • Don't give criticism unless it's asked for. Criticism must be constructive and include positive comments too.
  • Stay on topic. You're free to make any forum topic here as long as they're OC related.
  • Don't randomly ask for free art or make any topics requesting it. If someone chooses to offer their free art on their own topic, you can ask there.
  • I cannot enforce commissions or art trades, so participate in them using your best judgement.
  • Absolutely no objectifying feral characters, characters under 18, and characters who are child-coded (even if they are over 18 or what's considered an adult in your universe).

Image Posting Rules

  • All art you post must be drawn by you or you must have permission from the artist to use it.¬†Proper credit must be given to the original artist.¬†
  • Use of a base must be properly credited (unless you created the base).
  • AI 'art' can be used as long as you disclose that it is AI generated.
  • Don't post photos of real people. This includes cosplay, even though cosplay is an art. This rule is just for privacy and personal comfort reasons.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a reply! You can also IM me if you don't want to ask publicly. I can change these rules any time.

Now go crazy go stupid and be kind to each other

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