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MAFS AU 2023 Episode 33 Reunion Dinner Party Discussion

Posted by vaxgyarados


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what an episodee!!! 

lmk what u guys thought vvv

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Reply by vaxgyarados


ive rlly gotta sayy, one on the best dinner parties in recent memory!!

everyone laughing at harrison added like 10 years to my lifespan!! did you see his face?!/ im just picturing him going "AHA!" screenshotting it then loading up his printer, standing there watching it print and thinking wow this is really going to DESTROY bronte! at the dinner party. like ofc she asked her?? literally anybody in that position would!! bronte was so right to call him a loser bc whaaat the fck did he think was gonna happen, threatening the group and feeling all entitled its just soooo hilarious.

I cant imagine that some of the contestants were as quiet as the edit showed them to be but thats just the nature of the 90 min runtime.. i would looove to see unedited dinner party footage i bet theres a treasure trove in there!!! how long must that go on for, at least like 2-3 hours. I heard on last seasons contestants podcast (dom + ella) that the commitment ceremonies go on for aaggees in and of themselves so idk.

I think for tomorrow its gonna be:

everyone shocked at what dan was saying abt sandy

shocked at what harrison was saying + revealing what he actually said to bronte at the retreat + girls night boys night esp at the retreat

obv shannons comments to caitlin 

wowww arent oli and tahnee sooo cuttteee + olis impressions cam, john ect

duncan and alyssa's conflict + duncan crying (alyssa will be shocked) + "every other weekend" revelation

wowww arent layton and melinda sooo cuttte + fighting montage esp with couple swap

adam talking to janelle abt the cheating + adams confrontation with jesse

hugo being told all that crazy stuff and having to sleep on a windowsill from tayla

cam and lyndal having their moments + cam and TAYLA

claire and jesse woww so cutee datteesss but also that moment where she told him abt the kiss (also lots about them getting back together bc .. i rlly think it might happen guys idk)

ruperts awkward moments with evelyn+ his weird comments but mostly wowww so cuttee

melissa being rlly .. melissa + their confrontations with josh insulting his manhood ect

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