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songs that you learned that made you a better guitarist

Posted by tori <3


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what songs influenced your playing style and developed your technique the most?

whoa i sound so fancy and smart

for me smells like teen spirt improved my strumming, nobody wants you (juno dream) helped with fingerstyle picking, thank you for the venom helped me with tremolo picking and general speed, mr brightside helped me with alternate picking, crying lightnight (the solo specifically) helped with slides and some girls are bigger than others is just such a great guitar riff

there are other songs that are generally fun to play but i wont bore you all

i would be super interested to hear your favourite songs to play and how they improved your guitar skill! :)

I'm also a pretty new guitarist so if any of you have some tips to improve generally i would really appreciate that, one song i have been struggling with at the moment is cemetery drive (rays part) because there are such difficult stretches along with speed so if anyone has some advice please share! 

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Reply by ✪Heartless✪


Learning the phsycosocial solo made me a better guitarist.

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Reply by kat


jigsaw falling into place! :D its very fun to play and ive never played an arpeggio that complex until i learned the intro. it also was my gateway into alternate tunings. i knew about alternate tunings but they never clicked until i learned a song in one :]

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Reply by :PP


the intro solo from silent screamer by tatsuro yamashita 

it was a nightmare learn it but it really helped to my technique

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Reply by Chomi


I learned a part of "Revolution Is My Name", I think it helped me specially for the speed that you need to play it 

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