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How can I have a boyfriend?

Posted by mothcomb


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I'm 17 and I'm so nervous about how to get a boyfirend! I'm not too ugly, I guess, but many girl younger than me already got lovers and I have never had. Recently I have a crush on a boy 1 years old younger than me, but I don't have any idea to make him like me back. Should I ask him for going to school prom with me?  I'm studying at a gifted school and he is studying at a normal school, we meet once a week to help our old teacher teach student.

 I need some idea talk to him, somebody please help me :((((((

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Reply by S0upxx


It’s been two months so I’m guessing prom has already passed but the best thing to do is be yourself and try not to focus on getting a boyfriend much. The biggest thing I’ve learned is the saying “I don’t chase, I attract”. It helps cause when you stop focusing on chasing love or a certain someone, in a matter of time it’ll just happen. I sound delulu but it’s always worked for me 

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