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erm what the flip is this

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my goofy ahh friend sent me a video of her roller skating in her kitchen and i was like bro gtfo my phone before i beat you and feed to to the fishies and then and then i have to write poetry for anglish class and it makes me rage cause i don’t know how to be a poet and i turned my last essay in supa dupa late and my coucleor told me to get tested for adhd which made me el oh el cause i brought that up my mother like 69 years ago and she said ‘erm acshully you don’t have it you little hoe’ or sum like that so i was like okay dokay and went about my mischevious day and then like like like this group of rats keep tryna snatch up the place i sit at lunch and when we stole it back this musty ahh rat stomped around the corner, peeked at us in OUR SPOT and was like ‘fock you ’ and almost went alpha on us before her and her disciples/minions scurried back to hell :3 

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Happens to þe best of us.

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