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Posted by YI SANG


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Below are some useful carrds, rentrys, and other websites regarding profiction/similar branches. It sums them up well, and aren't as lengthy or blocky as academic papers. You may one day find them handy...who knows?

Cited resources

  • https://rentry.co/whatisproshipping
  • https://comshipng.crd.co/
  • https://comship.carrd.co/
  • https://twitter.com/red_devil330/status/1574503508619018281?s=20
  • https://www.fujoshi.info/

General resources

  • https://learnaboutproshipping.carrd.co/
  • https://define-proship.carrd.co/
  • https://profic101.carrd.co/
  • https://note.com/orangiah/n/n437e262ce2ce

Our beloved blocky papers

  • https://www.transformativeworks.org/

This will continue to be updated, as more resources are collected. Please comment anything you'd want to add to our collection too!

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Reply by doutzen


I also recommend perusing the Organization for Transformatives Works journal. If you want to read something more in depth (i.e; something blocky like an academic paper), they have a TON of entries you should love about pretty much any fandom-related topic.

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Reply by YI SANG


I recently found a whole paper on fandom culture and proshipping, I'll add it to the list the second I find it again.

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Reply by Nowuh :3


fujoshi.info is a great resource! it's focused on BL/geikomi/danmei history on the internet. it has an article about anti-fans as well which is a really great read.

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