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fave philosophical questions?

heyy what's everyones favorite philosophical questions, 

my friends and i love talking about that stuff but we kind of ran out of questions

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Reply by Jada


  1. Is there such a thing as objective morality, or is all morality relative to culture and society?

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Reply by Uberhero


@Jada morality is 100% relative to each respective culture and society. it's also subjective, because not only your morality is based on the society you live in / your upbringing, but also due to your personal beliefs and experiences.

a person who has eaten vegetables all their life, as part of their culture, will say that one that has eaten meat all their life is morally wrong, and likewise, the person who has eaten meat all their life will say that the vegetarian person is the one who is wrong.

this is called ethnocentrism - the tendency of us to judge and see others through only our culture's lenses. to surpass this, we can use what is called cultural relativism (albeit flawed), in other words, to try to put ourselves in the shoes of a person of another culture, and think: "what would this person think of MY culture?"

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