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Starting at the bottom, is it good? You bet it is.

Shout out to the real ones,

Without a meal,

but stuck until the feast.

Like you’re First to leave 

after birds and the bees,

Sick of hit and runs.

We turning the sheets 

Means, getting rid of my ghost.

Returning to no boos 

Those roots 

Don’t help me grow.

Twisted relationships may tick me off,

I don’t mind,

Cause I can write on.

Sometimes hard to say bye to my gones 

But let it be 

Rest in piece 

M x T.

Damn, Managed to bring her into it,

Damaged and left her finger print

Goddamn your sick of hearin it

But the lyrics are sick 

And I bet you feel it.

Feel no resentment 

An’ I hope them the best.

May say hi again some day,

But hey,

Letting you know,

Depression is still festerin 

But Despite that I’m in a fine place.

With my plate I’m grateful.

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