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♡ vent

vent any way u want, this grp doesnt have much member so i am always here 4 chu ^_^

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Reply by -ˋˏSophi


hiii, what advice would you give to people trying to make friends lol. I dont like the word shy b i guess im sort of introverted. well more like my mind goes blank when it comes to interacting w new people :////

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Reply by ੭ ⊹ 🦭. ƖᴜƖᴜ. ⏜ ͑♡


I reccomnd making friends like u, for example, i actually kinda write in a “kawaii” style, if u r an introvert i recommnd doing tht, bc then ppl wont judge u. But where do u want 2 make frends?? like,, evry social has a diff community (ik im not gud at comforting i js wan 2 hlp)

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