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Who here listens to Breakcore/Jungle?

Posted by Glitchboy


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I know this is stupid but I wanna know how many people here are fans of Breakcore/Jungle

I’ve been a big fan of Breakcore and Jungle for about 5 years ever since I discovered Nero’s Day At Disneyland and most recently Venetian Snares and Igorrr I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been a fan of Jungle music for a year after my big nostalgia hyper fixation, I rlly love the PS2 music vibe.

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Reply by luc


jungle is so good, its all ive been listening too recently.

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Reply by Truant Kids


I'm a big fan of 90s intelligent dnb & jungle. Youtube seemed to be picking it up a lot on the algorithm a few years back, which I'm grateful for

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