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looking for recs!

hi!! so i love deftones and linkin park but i wouldn't really say i listen to numetal because i don't feel like i listen to enough artists of the genre ,,, however i joined to ask if anyone has any songs or albums they could recommend for me to listen to?

if it helps i also listen to these related songs/artists which aren't numetal: evanescence, kittie, asking alexandria, chop suey! - system of a down, duality - slipknot

thanks so much! 

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Reply by Pigeon Jesus


As of right now, Powerman 5000, Limp bizkit, Coal Chamber, and Static-X are my favorite nu-metal bands. Really recommend them‼️

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Reply by Jassu


I recommend Tallah. They're a newer nu-metal band and honestly so fun ^-^

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Reply by Jack


breaking benjamin, cold, crossfade, crazy town, drowning pool, deftonesfrom ashes to new, hoobastank, korn, limp bizkit, marilyn manson, motionless in white, papa roach, spiritbox, slipknot, seether, shinedown, zebrahead, rob zombie.

i just went to wikipedia's list of nu-metal bands, and grabbed some that i fuck with. of this list, definitely check out:

- breaking benjamin
- crossfade
- korn
- limp bizkit

those are some really good ones. crossfade i don't hear about much, but their self-titled album is really good. i'm also a huge limp bizkit fan

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Reply by Fox


Sevendust, Ultraspank, KoЯn, Big Trash, Mad Kelly, Kittie, Spineshank, Sugarcoma, Alien Ant Farm, Pitchshifter, Papa roach , Mudvayne, System Of A Down, P.O.D Coal Chamber, Static-X Godsmack, Powerman 5000, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Soulfly, Saliva, Downset, Kontrust. Head Phones President, Disturbed, Mushroomhead, Slipknot, Flymore, Cold, all of those r bands btw

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Reply by PrzemiB


Pleymo - Medicine Cake

Good album, I like it.

Episode 2: Medecine Cake - Wikipedia

Cheers from Poland

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