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New / Need Bands

Posted by OmNomStudio


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The type of Metal I listen to is more on the visual kei side. I've only started listening to the genre not too long ago so if I put a band that isn't metal sorry lol. Im still very new to it and don't know how to differentiate it much. 


1. The GazettE

2. Kittie

3. Dadaroma

4. Madmans Esprit

5. Gulu Gulu

6. Skindred 

7. Babymetal

8. Deftones

Bands I would like to explore and find more songs of

1. Linkin Park


3. Motionless In White

4. Slipknot

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!


Its been a while now and I got more into Linkin Park, SOAD, Slipknot, and Korn so I got to my goal. Heres some bands and artists that I found out abt or got more into (not all metal).

1. Limp Bizkit

2.  Holiem (local band in my area their shows r awesome)

3.  Kaya and Femme Fatale

4.  Kikuohana

5. My Chem

6. Adventura

7. Buck-Tick

8. Synestia

9. Corpsegrinder

10. Les Miserables (Brodway version)

11. Berrygood

12. Ice Nine Kills (got to see a concert! they played Avatar, New Years Day, and In This Moment!)

13. Hanabie

14. Get Scared

15. Alicia Keys

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