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Spell Bound (A omori AU) Chapter four: Dreams and a family reunion?



As Sunny sleeps he drifts around in a void, without head space he's lucid in their dreams but with nowhere to go he just drifts around, every once and a while he sees his friends on adventures, the one that Sunny noticed was Basil’s who seems to be having a nightmare.

I should help, at least My brain didn’t get rid of all my dreams Sunny thinks as he walks over to Basils dream, a sliding glass door blocks him from entering, Sunny attempts to yank the door only for it to slam open I guess it was already unlocked He thinks as they step into the nightmare.


Water splashes as Sunny walks around, trying to find basil in this weird nightmare, the ground, walls and ceiling are made of water that is pitch black, every once and a while he would see a eye looking at him, Sunny ignored the eyes as they progressed. Eventually finding Basil, who was being tormented by its something.

Sunny was not able to understand the something but he was able to tell that it was putting clear doubts into Basil’s mind, walking up to Basil, who was curled up Sunny gently shakes him.

“Basil, its ok this is a dream” Sunny says as Basil’s opens his eyes

“SUNNY? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Basil says out of shock.

“I didn’t want you to suffer from a nightmare here, why don’t we go somewhere else?” Sunny offers thinking that this is still his dream.

“Ok but I’m not sure if I can make a safe area in this place.” Basil says still shaken up by it’s surroundings. “That's fine I’ll make a spot this place is nothing like black space.” Sunny says, taking Basil’s hand and starts leading him to the door he entered though.

“What's black space? Come to think of it, why are you dressed like that?” Basil questions.

Sunny looks down to see that he isn't in his pajamas at all, in fact he's in an outfit similar to what omori wears, but with black boots and a white jacket. He touches where their eye patch would have been and feels flowers petals, no doubt a white tulip. 

“Well black space is a long story, as for the outfit, I’m not sure I’ll figure that out later.” Sunny says as they cut though a couple black vines with a red knife they found in their pocket.

 “Plus I don’t want anything from that place to transfer over here and make it worse than it already is.” Sunny says as he looks back to Basil who now looks more confused than scared. 

“I entered this place via a sliding glass door. I'm taking you to it, sorry for not mentioning that earlier.” Sunny smiles at Basil while he apologizes. Basil lights up at the scene of Sunny smiling.

“It’s just you never really show up in my dreams, let alone help me like this” Basil says, recalling all his previous dreams.

“Well… I’m here now aren’t I?” Sunny says with a soft smile on his face, this earns a blush from Basil.

 “Anyways! You said there is a door that you entered though? Let's go there!” Basil says, trying to get the focus off of him. 

“Ok I think it’s this way” Sunny says, leading Basil through the dark waters. 

Several dark plants with eyes grow from the waters and they lunge at Basil, Sunny quickly cuts them down and turns to Basil, only to see that one of the plants is trying to strangle him. 

“SHIT!” Sunny shouts as he immediately cuts off the plant, making it go limp around Basil’s neck.

 “Are you ok?! I’m sorry I didn’t see that one!” Sunny quickly asks out of worry, cupping Basil’s face.

“Why” Basil questions


“Why are you helping me so much?” Basil says, starting to cry. “Why do you care for me now? You never did before!” Basil shouts tears streaming down It’s face.

“Basil, I promised to you that I would never leave you again.” Sunny says, recalling his promise to Basil in the hospital.

“But what if you leave me again? I’m moving away from faraway! I might never see you again!” Basil crys.

“That won’t happen, I won’t leave you again no matter what happens.” Sunny promises.

“How are you so sure?!” Basil questions.

Should I say it? Oh who cares this is a dream Sunny thinks 

“Basil, I know I won’t leave you because I love you. No matter what happens, I’ll make sure to come back to your side. Even if I have to give up everything to do so.” Sunny confesses as they pull Basil into a hug. He hears Basil go silent, as Basil hugs back, the dream begins to lighten, the black water becoming clear, aquatic plants on the floor, Basil’s outfit changing from it’s usual green sweater vest to a robe, seemingly made out of sunflowers. Sunny had to admit, Basil looked ethereal in it. He blushes as Basil pulls back from the hug, with a sad smile on his face.

“You really mean it Sunny? Do you really love me?” Basil asks as if to confirm what it was hearing.

“Yes, I mean every word of what I just said.” Sunny says smiling as the remaining darkness from the area they were in disappears and gets replaced with even more flowers. As Sunny looks around, he sees that most of the flowers were roses.

“Lavender roses.” Basil starts “They mean love at first sight or in some cases enchantment” he smiles as it grabs one of the flowers. Basil puts the flower behind Sunny’s ears. “I guess that's what I’m feeling right now.” Basil says as Sunny blushes at the comment  “Thank you Sunny I appreciate you coming and ending this nightmare.” Basil thanks Sunny as the sliding glass door appears behind him.

It’s time to go…  Sunny thinks as he cups Basil cheek again.

“I have to go Basil, the door is right behind you” Sunny says somberly, as Basil looks behind it and turns back to Sunny “Oh, ok I guess this is it…” Basil says as he lets Sunny go. “Goodbye Basil.” Sunny says as he turns around and he begins to leave, just as he’s about to leave he hears water splashing 

“WAIT NOT YET! PLEASE DON’T GO!” Basil shouts as he Hugs Sunny from behind. The smell of sunflowers flooded his sense of smell. “Don’t go yet… Please…” Basil says as it puts his head into Sunny’s back. Sunny can’t help but smile as he turns around and looks at Basil, his face being beet red. “Basil, I’m about to do something stupid before I go, is that ok?” Sunny says, their ears starting to burn. “We all do stupid things Sunny, go ahead.” Basil says as he laces it’s arms around Sunnys neck. Sunny smiles as he begins to close the distance. Basil does the same as they kissed. Happiness overwhelms Sunny as he smiles into the kiss, as the part from it Basil starts laughing and Sunny wears a dopey grin on their face, his face and ears being red.

“I guess you can leave now, I’ll see you later Sunny.” Basil says as he gives Sunny a small peck on the cheek.

“Yeah I guess so… bye bye.” Sunny says, dazed as he opens the sliding glass door and leaves Basil’s dream.


Sunny slowly wakes up, only to be welcomed by a familiar warm feeling

I remember this feeling. Sunny thinks as he curls up “It's like I’m laying in Mari’s lap again”

Wait, this feels too real to be a hallucination. Sunny thinks as they slowly open his eyes, only to see Mari’s smiling face as a greeting.

“Hi Sunny! Did you sleep well? It looked like you were having a great dream!” Mari asks, acting like she hasn't been dead for four years.

Sunny springs up from her lap, panic and confusion filling his scenes as he rubs his one eye to see if she would go away but she didn’t, he was still smiling at him acting like the whole fight never happened and she was with him the whole time.

“Wha- I- Mari- you- I-” Sunny blubbers as Mari laughs.

“Oh yeah! I’m supposed to be dead!” Mari says as she laughs some more.

“I should go tell mom.” Sunny says as he sprints out of their room. 

It’s ok, lets just go tell mom, mom said to tell her when I’m having a hallucination. Sunny thinks as they knock and open his moms door.

She's awake and on the phone with someone again, it was the same voice from earlier that day, after a while she notices Sunny.

“I’m sorry my son needs me, I’ll talk to you later ok?” she says into the phone, after they say something Sunny can’t pick up she hangs up the phone. 

“What do you need, Sunshine? You do know it is 2 in the morning right? Why are you still up?” His mother questions with concern in her tone.

“Why are YOU still up?” Sunny questions back.

“Touche.” his mom retorts “either way, do you need help with anything Sunshine?” Sunny’s mom asks again.

“Mari is in my room” Sunny says blankly



“As in the nice one that you told me about or the demented version?”

“The nice one”

“Do you watch me to make sure you're just hallucinating?”


“Then lets go” His mother says as she gets up, expecting Sunny to just be seeing things again.


“Hi mom! It's nice to see you again!” Mari says as she claps her hands, Sunny’s mom looks dumbfounded

“Wha- I- Mari- you- I-” Sunny’s mom blubbers, Mari laughs again.

“That's the same reaction Sunny had! Like mother like son!” Mari remarks.

“But how are you-” Sunny’s mom begins to question

“Oh actually I don’t know! First I was just watching over you two but then all of the sudden I have a body again! It’s quite a mystery!” Mari says, just happy to have a physical body after a long time.

After the shock subsides from Sunny and his mom they immediately run up to her and give her a bone breaking hug “OH MY BABY I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” Sunny’s mom starts to cry tears of joy.

“I’ve missed talking to you too mom! It gets kind of boring just watching!” Mari says smiling 

Sunny had so much to ask, how did she show up, did she forgive him for what they did, how long was she watching them. 

Just as Sunny was about to speak he feeling all the remaining strength they had sap away to who knows where, going limp in Mari’s arms

“Oh! I guess the mystery has been solved!” Mari says as she lays Sunny down on his bed 

“It has something to do with Sunny!” Mari says clapping her hands 

“Sunshine! Are you ok?” Sunny’s mom says worrying over her son

“I'm fine mom, you and Mari keep talking” Sunny says, he winces when the place where his left eye was starts stinging “Sunny you're clearly not fine, Since I’m here I must be sapping your energy somehow.” Mari says realizing what she has to do to make sure Sunny doesnt get hurt. 

“Until you're well again don’t summon me to a physical form ok? I want you to stay healthy.” Mari pouts 

“Mari sweetie I’ll make sure he gets plenty of rest!” Sunny’s mom says as she rubs Mari’s back.

“Thanks mom! I know that you’ll do your best!” Mari says as her legs start to disappear “I’ll be watching over both of you! I’ll haunt you if you don’t take care of yourselves so watch out!” Mari jokes before she fully disappears. Sunny tries to reach out to Mari, but his limbs fail him and they collapse on the bed. 

“Sunshine! You need to rest.” His mom says as she stops him from doing anything else. “Whatever you did to bring Mari back took a lot out of you so let's see if we can sleep ok?” she says as she looks at the clock. “It's 2:45 right now, so let's see if you can get some energy back ok?” She offers, Sunny nods and he turns to the side and slowly starts to fade out of consciousness. “Good night Sunshine.” Sunny’s mom says as she goes to the door “good night mom.” Sunny says as his mom closes the door and he falls asleep.

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Where’s Spellbound chapter 8: unbound

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Slow ya role buddy that aint happening till the "Sunny's mental health goes into the shitter" arc!

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Ok so when’s the Sunny And Basil go to jail for committing Involuntary Manslaughter arc

Still waiting for that one

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Never I want them to be happy :)

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