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Any Punk, Goth, Hyperpop music recomendation??

I'd like to get more into this music genres but I don't really know what bands or artists should I listen so if anyone could recommend me smth would be great!! :)

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Reply by OmNomStudio


A goth band i've heard is really good for beginners that i've been recommended myself is London After Midnight, The Cure, and Bauhaus 

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Reply by Luny ☆


thank you so much!! I'll listen to them. <3

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Reply by Val


i really good goth band i would recommend is the witching hour

theit music is fucking majestic 

and of course the goth classics (siouxie and the banshees, the cure, joy division, bauhaus)

for punk id say pleasure venom is a good punk band 

idk about hyperpop tbh 

i mean 6arelyhuman is more scenecore and idk much ab electronic genres 

but they make good music 

if you like punk metal you can give dystopia a listen

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