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Rules and Stuff! [pinned]

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This post is a work in progress!


  • Character Doubles are allowed!

Excluding original characters, any canon characters can have multiple writers! If you have an issue with that, this might not be the group for you, sorry!

  • No meta gaming!

Do not force your writing partner(s) to do anything they don’t want to! That’s just generally pretty rude, roleplay isn’t a one way street! If you feel the need to completely control a plot, maybe consider writing fanfiction instead.

  • Public posts should be PG13!

This means keeping anything that would be shown on tv after like 9pm in PMs! Most of these characters are kids, keep that in mind! Obviously, podcast-typical horror is allowed, but make sure you and your RP partner(s) know your limits!

  • Always credit artists when posting fan art!

Generally fan art shouldn’t be posted without the artist’s consent anyway, but I get that sometimes you can’t get a hold of them, or maybe you’re too shy… If that’s the case, credit them in the post where you used the art, and better yet, add a link to it too! If you made the artwork, you can also add social links so we can follow YOU and see more of your art! You don’t necessarily have to credit every time if you made it, though.

  •  Remember to specify OOC posts!

If you’re making a post that’s out of character, specify it in the title! If you’re adding a note at the end or beginning of your roleplay replies, put it in parentheses or however else you usually do it, just to keep things organized! (( For example, I usually signify OOC info with two parentheses around the statement, because I tend to use parentheses regularly when I write. This way it’s clear that this is different. I usually also start it with “ooc:”! ))

  • Be kind!

Yeah, I’m surprised I I have to specifically state this, too. But I’ve been in far too many roleplay groups where people start arguments and drama that’s really unnecessary. If you have a problem with someone, work it out in PMs. If things get too heated, just block and move on. We don’t need negativity here.

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