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Clerks ships

I feel like I’m the only one that always thought Randal x Elias is weird especially during clerks 2 Elias was still in HS and Randal was like 30 something I also just can NOT see it like Randal was clinging to Elias so hard because Dante was leaving they seem more like siblings to me lol. I think it’s obvious at this point I ship Dante and Randal becuz come on but I think in reality it’s more one sided with Randal being in love with Dante lol it’s funny too becuz relationships aren’t for Randal but his friendship with Dante has been the only consistent and longest relationship he’s ever had. Their so slay🌈 I can’t really see Jay and silent Bob either like I can see it but I can’t at the same time I just like the way their relationship is ya know. Anyways I’m trying to post everyday but I’m a senior in HS guys it ain’t easy

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