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I need some game recommendations

Posted by z+


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I recently started to get bored of almost all the games I have. So please give me some good recommendations.

I like a lot of fighting games btw.

And thank you for your recommendations :D

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Reply by RANNI


which fighting games do you play? will you be playing Tekken 8?

my favorite fighter is Guilty Gear Strive. as for other games, try Resident Evil 4 Remake or any Resident Evil game! or Elden Ring.

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Reply by _RevVt0Th3mAxx_


Fighting games, eh? Well if we're talking those, I'm gonna try and throw out some interesting ones that aren't things like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Smash Bros., Double Dragon, or Twisted Metal. If you wanna try other genres, I can definitely do that as well. Just let me know your tastes and I gotchu.

Anyway, with that said...

Definitely recommend Dead or Alive (3 and 4 especially) in that case, also Killer Instinct. This one very well might need to be emulated since it was only a prototype, but the unreleased Thrill Kill PS1 title is kinda sick, too. It's more 3D/open space, think Mortal Kombat: Deception and Armageddon style arenas and gameplay, just with a screwy fixed camera nowhere close to the player. Brawlhalla (PC) is good, as well. Kind of a Smash clone, but more interesting and has a 2D artstyle! 

Lot of cool arcade titles also, though namely (assuming you're into the show or even anime in general) JJBA: Heritage For The Future (can play through ROMs) is worth checking out outside of all the other obvious titles like MK/SF/Tekken/etc. There's also (again, assuming the aforementioned thing is true) more 'untraditional' titles, per se. Some examples are One Piece: Grand Adventure (PS2), JJBA: Eyes of Heaven (PS4), and DBZ Xenoverse 1/2 (Xbox One/PS4). If you're into vehicle-based combat, Cel Damage (Xbox) is a great title. I would also recommend Road Wars (PC), but that's a now-24-year-old game that's seriously hard to get to work on any OS' released past Windows Vista.

If you're also into beat-em-ups, you got Turtles Through Time (XBLA? Not sure on that one concerning consoles, can definitely find og arcade ROMs though) and Shredders Revenge (PS4) if you dig TMNT. The old Scott Pilgrim (PC/XB1/PS4) game also got a remaster/re-release a year or two ago. Oh, Sonic Blast Man 1/2 (SNES) and some old Avengers/X-Men beat-em-up titles, mainly originally arcade games but also ported to SNES. There's also Fuzion Frenzy (og 'Box), which isn't really a fighting game, but it is combat-based minigame playing field of sorts. It's personally not my thing, but I know a lot of people love it so I figure I throw it out there. Oh! And of course before I forget, there's also Clayfighter (SNES/Genesis/N64, depending on which game), a pretty gnarly series in its own right with music by Danny Elfman and tons of claymation.

Hope these suggestions lead you to plenty of enjoyment! To note BTW, for the older games, you can very likely find ROMs/ISOs online if you don't have original hardware and/or can't find the games in any entertainment stores (or afford them--this market is insane nowadays!!). :^))

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Reply by lin


I recommend Soul Calibur. Personally, I play PS2 games as well as modern PS4 games. 

but I recommend Soul Calibur 3 on PS2. and then any of them made after that.

Also, You should try Hack and Slash games like Dynasty Warriors 3-9 or Samurai Warriors 2-4

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Reply by Nick0tine


If you haven't played Mortal Kombat I highly recommend it. Mortal Kombat 12 is probably coming out this year. I am trying to get into Tekken myself recently.

   If you have any interests in rpgs I suggest Shin Megami Tensei, or Persona. Persona for story or SMT for gameplay (SMT is usually harder)


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