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im into any and all kinds of music (even country) i just need to broaden my horizons yk? so pls share recs pretty pls with cherries on top

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Reply by HERO


u should check out deftones , korn , system of a down , limp bizkit , helmet , bad brains , car seat headrest and the garden to name a few !!! :3

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Reply by naz


listen to glass beach, great rock/pop band

here's some recommendations for songs:

  • glass beach (self-titled)
  • bedroom community
  • dallas
  • cold weather
  • yoshi's island

radiohead is also pretty nice:

  • karma police
  • no surprises
  • weird fishes/arpeggi
  • airbag
  • paranoid android
  • subterranean homesick alien
  • scatterbrain

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