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has anyone heard of this book?

Posted by charles ^w^


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its called “snookums” by an author named HJ Woolbright. i dont actually have a book cover for it, because 1. everytime i look it up, i get weird things instead of a book and 2. my mom has been talking about it for a while but she said they stopped selling it back in like the late 90s.

im very certain this isnt a dream because my mom has been talking about it for weeks

maybe it just wasnt rlly popular or something idk

from what i heard from my mom, its like this giant 1k page book about a magical kingdom and like queer faries or whatever who go to war but it was also kind of sci fi. like, sci fi as in supa cool inventions we would never have in modern day time and the kingdom the main charactrrs lived in was kind of dystopian. it sounds,,, really weird so im unsure if maybe it was a dream my mom had ((or maybe shes just crazy))

she said the main character was this girl named “Maya Nowhere.” im not sure if thats how its spelt or not but thats how it sounds according to my mom :p

if this even remotely rings a bell to u please tell me of you have read it before because if its real it sounds really interesting and i would like to read it somewhere

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Reply by Jada


I really searched but all I found was this fanfic https://archiveofourown.org/works/45996931. It a possibility it was a original story written on ao3(could also have been cross posted from another website) and that link is maybe just a one off story. I can’t check the account as it’s a orphan account. Sorry

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Reply by Jinnicide


Sounds like a fanfic; if it were a real book, there would be search results for it.

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Reply by Octi


I was able to find an ISBN for a book with the same name (on Goodreads) that directs you to amazon, but there's really no info on it. Not even the author.

Is there anything else that you remember about it?

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