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Underrated Death Metal?

Posted by Grimm


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Looking for underrated death metal. I listen to just about every genre but I'm specifically looking for death at the moment.

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Reply by AR50N15T


So im absolutely shit at differentiating between different metal sub genres (except for the ones I absolutely can differentiate between if that makes any sense) so these might be a little not death/borderline death. So ill give you their names and thier number of listeners on spotify lol

Inoculation - 1,135

KOIVUTUS - 2,181 (theyve jumped in listeners from about 150 so im super proud of them. They’re also Finnish and only have 1 english song out rn)

Morbid Cross- 197

Suru - 261 (under D.O8 on spotify)

Thyrgrim - 293 (german)

Enbilulugugal - 3,247 (these guys are more to black noise side but i think theyre an honorable mention)

GORBAG - 1,375

Unbounded - 101

Hope this helps ya find more bands!

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Reply by thrashwoof



Crematory Stench (saw them last year)

Mephitic Corpse (saw them this year)

Diabolic Oath (saw them this year)

Rank and Vile (saw them last year) (death-grind)

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