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Dogs love treats of all kinds,

But there's one that truly shines,

A food that makes their tails wag,

And fills them with joy and brag.

French fries, oh how they adore,

This crispy, golden, salty score,

From the first bite to the last,

They gobble them up so fast.

With eyes big and tongues out,

They'll eagerly wait and pout,

For a chance to grab a fry,

And savor it with a happy sigh.

Their noses twitch and sniff,

As they hope for another whiff,

Of the delicious scent that lingers,

From these tasty potato fingers.

So if you see a pup with fries,

Just know that they're in paradise,

And enjoy the sight of their glee,

As they chomp and crunch so merrily.

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