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mandatory jojolands thread

this is a thread for part 9, the jojolands! chapter 1 is out and chapter 2 is coming real soon

this is the first thread i've created on here so idk what to say other than mark spoilers. i haven't been bothered to look into it but there's probably a html code for it but otherwise mark how you see fit

i really liked chapter 1, this part has a lot of promise

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Reply by Sock


Oh man, chapter 2 just dropped, it’s already gearing up to be the most fun part, for sure! Jodio’s already giving off Diego vibes, so I’m super stoked to see where his character arc goes! I’m just curious about what November Rain’s supposed to be, outside of just dumping heavy rain on people? Whatever, still gonna be a heck of a ride~

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Reply by j4zminxoxo


Just finished chapter two (spoilers ahead)! God, I love it sooo much! Having Rohan come back was a real surprise but an awesome one! You can definitely tell he's Araki's favourite character, lolz. Even though it's a completely different stand, Usagi's stand reminds me a lot of Hermes' 'Kiss'-- the way they both multiply an object, I think it's a cool parallel. As per usual in any JoJo part, we've got some pervy minor villain like the police officer dude. I wonder how much he'll show up throughout the part and when Jodio's actually gonna beat his ass. Also, Jodio and Dragona really remind me of what Giorno and Jolyne would be like as a dynamic if they were in a part together. Also, I think Jodio being diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder is really interesting. It's pretty obvious that the Joestars and other supporting characters throughout the series have various mental illnesses and traits-- Jotaro's PTSD is a big one, Dio as well obviously having antisocial personality disorder or something of the sort (a parallel between Dio and Jodio?), part 4 Kira having OCD, Diavolo/Doppio with DID etc etc. . It's interesting to see Araki actually touch on this, especially with the diagnosis of mental disorders being relevant in this contemporary context that JoJolands is placed in. Jodio's stand, November Rain, is pretty fucking cool (we love Guns N' Roses), his stand reminds me a lot of Weather Report with the whole rain thing going on, as well as Hierophant Green (in terms of the stand's face) and Doggy Style and The Fool with the stand's body. There's not too much information on what his stand does but it seems to flatten things? In this chapter it seems like it flattened the drugs so much that it basically destroyed the evidence- once again, a cool use of gravity/weight manipulation in a stand. It'll be interesting to see how November Rain functions with 'spin', if that's even included in JoJolands (if it's following suit of the original JoJo universe, it might not, since spin is a parallel of hamon which was only mainly used in the first two parts). I feel like each part in the new universe kinda encompasses 2 parts in the old universe. Steel Ball Run is very similar to parts 1 and 2, JoJolion is like parts 3 and 4, and we can already see that JoJolands is like parts 5 and 6. It'll suck if JoJolands is the last part of JoJo ever, but I think Araki's doing a great job at it so far. 

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Reply by skelltan


didn't make the kiss comparison

i also get the feeling the cop won't be super relevant and be dispatched of really quickly but maybe i'm wrong

agree on the diagnosis thing, with that and dragona this part feels really direct in terms of social issues which i think is a cool change

november rain more reminded me of catch the rainbow. i get the feeling the raindrops are like you said, weighing down like 3 freeze, but also due to the small droplet form could pierce through things. spin wasn't really relevant in jojolion (i mean the bubbles are technically spin but that was a late revelation and as i said, not heavily discussed in canon)

agree on the part combination thing too but idk, sbr is a bit like part 3 too in terms of the travel aspect. sure, that was in parts 1 and 2, but i feel like the cross country nature feels much closer to part 3 than part 1 where its pretty much just england and part 2 basically has one section in america and the rest in europe, mostly italy

wouldn't be surprised if it was the final part and if it was we get spinoff content by other creators anyways since diamond demonic heartbreak was pretty unprecedented

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