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Anyone here see MCR live?? What was it like? Any interesting anecdotes? What did they play? What did you wish they would've played?

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Reply by JackMan


YESS i went to the first sydney show a week and a half ago, it was so fucking cool. i was in the pit was a few mates and the people around me were lovely, a couple dudes got a bit violent but they were stopped so a pretty good experience other than them. i legit screamed when they played vampires will never hurt you and sleep, and cancer which wasnt on the set list they just played it??? it was insane it was so fun. wished they played prison but you win some you loose some

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Reply by Anniexo


I went to their first Melbourne show, on the 16th. Probably the best night of my life tbh :,)

They played one of my favorite songs, which is Vampires will never hurt you :))They also played The Ghost Of You, and we all got out our phone flashlights out, and it was really pretty. I really wish they played Cemetery drive, although they played it on the second show, on the 17th. I was super bummed out, but my bsf was there on the 17th, so i was super happy that he got to experience it. :) 

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Reply by ♡Gerard / Cas♡


Ok so this is going to be very long winded so bear with me.

About three- four years ago at this point I got the best Christmas gift I have ever received, tickets to see mcr in sunrise Florida. Well that show got postponed a lot however around this time last year I actually finally got to see mcr and let me just tell you I got so god damn lucky with this show.

[EDIT: ok so it was actually almost two years ago and thinking about that makes me want to cry that it’s been over for so long]

Like dude the set list was amazing, except for when they played cancer and bam the concert was over like come on don’t just drop your sadist song then dip, the vacuum guy was wearing his iconic shirt, ray was serving perticularly hard on the guitar that night, and Gerard rolled up in a whole sheet ghost costume (it’s really funny because I was telling my friend how I hoped he was wearing something really awesome that’d be cool to see and then I was like Holly shit he’s a ghost).

But all of this wasn’t what made my night. What made my night was getting to witness what I like to call ✨fish Gerard✨. He was crawling and growling on the floor and it was the moment that kinda made me realize omg these people are real I’m in their presence while they do this.

Anyways that was my concert and I would give anything to do it again. (Also if you’re the people who conversated with a panicked and disheveled me in the merch line, I love you keep up good humans)

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