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speaking problems

for a couple of month I speak normal

then for the next couple of months I have a stutter 

and it goes on like this its a cycle

can this be due to autism?

has any of you experienced smth like this? 

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Reply by Angel


I don't really have a stutter, but I have noticed I've been pausing in the middle of my sentences because I forgot the next words that were supposed to come out of my mouth. What's happening to you could be an autistic trait. 

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Reply by Ryen


there are comorbities with speech, and it's not definitely related to autism, but it for sure could be. Many autistic people have something called apraxia, meaning difficulty saying what they want to say. It happens to me a lot, so sometimes I'll be able to speak well, but other times I can barely force out two words. Theres also just difficulty with uncoordinated speech that can be common. 

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