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2010s doll advertisements fill me with so much nostalgia

The graphic design, the fashion, the slightly annoying but catchy jingles.

I didn't see much of Pinkie Cooper when I was a kid, but thanks to looking at 2010s nostalgia videos I've seen her name pop up a few times. She had a lot of potential to be plastered all over lunchboxes in the canteen, only to be cancelled.

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Reply by Celephone


I really feel that U_U For some toy franchises it feels like they came out just yesteryear, so it's wild to look back on them and see how much time's actually passed, and realize how many toylines have come and gone. There's definitely some things about the toys back then I wish we could go back to.

(I do like a lot of the current toys, but I am going through burnout seeing so much of the fashion dolls relying on referencing expensive fashion brands, and the cynical part of my brain seeing it more as prepping kids for expensive consumerism and less using fashion as artistic expression)

I think I just started my Art College years when Pinkie Cooper came out and I'd see them a few times in ToysR'Us, then later find them at a Ross Dress for Less store when they didn't last in the bigger retail stores :') I was so hoping for them to last longer...

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