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how to add blinkies with blinkies.cafe ??

can ANYONE tell me how to add blinkies to my profile with blinkies.cafe & imgur? i'm struggling out here. and PLEASE dumb it down for me.

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Hi friend! I apologize if this is too detailed, i always get lost in coding tutorials so im trying to make it more digestable. :)

step 1 - getting the URL for the blinkie 

Right click on the blinkie you want, and find the option that says "copy image link." if you're on mobile or there isnt this option, long press/right click and click the option that says "open in new tab". then, just copy the url thats in the address bar at the top! (like where you'd go to type in a website or google search).

step 2 - putting the URL into the code 

Edit your profile and copy paste or type this code into the about me box. Then copy and paste the URL from step one into where the orange text is :) 

<img src="YOUR LINK HERE"/>

bada bing bada boom! if this doesnt work let me know! good luck 

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