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my fav retro websites+extensions (for daily use) :p

if you know any, leave some kewl websites n extensions for daily use in the repliez!1

This cool wikipedia proxy - general info, fun facts, etc.

68k.news - news (lets u choose ur country for relevant news!)

old google - search engine that works!

glitter graphics - layouts, blinkies, gifs, text that r rlly cool, u can use them on spacehey

wordart - word art!!!!!!1

(CHROME/FIREFOX EXTENSION) youtube redux - emulate the old youtube layout while still having access 2 the youtube videos and channels u know and love :)

(CHROME EXTENSION) rss feed reader - use this to keep up to date w ur fav blogs and online stories <3

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Reply by Suffering Incorporated™


i love the youtube redux one it's super cool :)


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Reply by Moonie


That old google site is really cool! A massive flashback for sure lol. Kinda wished google images would work with it though but it is what it is! :3

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