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Om mani padme hum ~ lyrics

Om mani padme hum 

Respect and honour 

Them who didn’t 

Survive the

Acts of terrorism

Acts of abusive ……….

When I mention this 

I am soothsayer

Who tells the story

Da story of Elle 

Elle was a baby abandoned 

By her momma 

Only to be hurt , 

And human rights violated

Ina warzone 

Where she still thinks she is 

Even age 34

And in Canada

When mention Elle 


Her late relationship 

Wouldn’t late her 


The guy a psychopath 

And extremist 

Who’s hurting woman and children 

Because he’s hurting himself

When Elle had enough

The full story

Of the asshole 

Turns up( echoes)

When he disappeared 

And she moves on 

She by Buddhist teachings 

Friend his ex

Who was used for sex


Then Elle finds her purpose in live

You know 


That everything 

Happens for a reason

Soon she sticks up for those who are 

And the brink

And those who were effected by the errorism 

Of terrorism 

Soon she cries in a friends arms

Ready to be in airport security 

To take arms

Against terrorist abusers and users

Om mani padme hum 

Om mani padme hum 

Say this when wronged

Da universe 

Will stand by you

I am just a soothsayer 

I am saying om mani padme hum 

For I am da girl in the song

Om mani padme hum 

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