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Is it better..

Is it better to be Dom or Domme,  sub or switch?  I think switch it would  be fun to take both  roles sometimes  but I normally am Done.  What do you think?  All the best all,  have a great weekend :)

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Reply by thatgirlJackie


i prefer domme and sub i like being the helpless one i like others in control

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Reply by Arius


I think it's better to be who you are, whatever that is! Personally, I'm a switch and enjoy both roles. I'm polyamorous and have multiple kinky connections. In two of those relationships, I'm pretty much always the Dom. But I am also playing with a Domme right now, and I always submit to her. In a past relationship we switched back and forth depending on the day and our moods; sometimes mid-scene one of us would take over. That was fun too. I love it all.

On the practical side, I think subbing makes me a better Dom, as I get to learn directly from other Dommes and also develop a visceral understanding of what it is like to be submissive.  

But at the end of the day it's really about what you and your partner each want and how your desires overlap and fit together.

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Reply by Hesher666


I prefer to be dom, but I’ll like to switch on occasion to change it just a little

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