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Hair help

i have short hair and im not allowed to dye my hair unnatural colors because of school any tips on how to make mt hair more scenemo?

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Reply by arlo atomickk


You could try cutting your bangs to look more emo (or if you don't have bangs, give yourself some).

ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE PERMISSION AND ARE CONFIDENT IN YOUR ABILITIES (i have made many mistakes cutting my hair in the past).

If you don't have permission to cut your own hair - go to the hairdressers and ask for slanted bangs with lots of short choppy layers - reference pics are always very helpful so get a pic of some cool emo hair and show it to them!

If none of this is available to you, try giving yourself a side parting and clipping your hair into bangs - you could look for some 'no-cut emo hair tutorials' on youtube.

Also, if you can't dye ur hair unnatural colours, black is always the way to go to look more emo! You could even purchase some colourfully dyed extensions online, or buy some cheap blonde ones and try to dye them yourself (Crazy Color hair dye is super cheap for stuff like this).

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