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Self Intro

Greetings! My name is max my pronouns are he/they. My favorite turtle is donnie and my favorite tmnt would probably be 2018. I love all tmnt tho!

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Reply by CaseyJONES


I LOVE RISE DONNIEEE AHH. Leo is my favorite but donnies like a close second lmao

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Reply by S0@P_9000


Heyoo! I go by soap on the interwebs

hyperobsessing on rise donnie >:]

         ---  |. |
        |-------|  __
        | \    /  |/--  /
       [| O   O |]----
      --  U        |\_--/
      \_ ____/

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Reply by Maxstrahan17


My name is Max. Pronouns they/them.💜

My favorite TMNT show is ROTTMNT and my favorite movie is Out of the Shadows.

Favorite character Bayverse Donnie.

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