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which weapon/class do you main?

ive spent most of my splatoon life playing competitive online solo though i was hoping those on here may also play comp by any chance, or peek into it from time to time. what weapon/class do you like to use in the game, or do you have a handful of different weapons you like to cycle through?

i am a charger main & i play backliner position in majority of comps. i also play heavy and nautlius splatlings from time to time 🦑

/for the record yes i am casual player friendly 👁👁 hi

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Reply by mika


Hiiiiiiiii competitively playing games is scary so i can't speak to that front but i like the hydra splatling & the gold aerospray i always forget the letters on ^_^ the booyah bomb one. other than that i like to play a jack of all trades kind of ill just play whatever weapon i feel like but those two are the ones i'll always circle back to eventually

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Reply by cola


i used to be a diehard flingza roller main, but i'm gravitating more and more towards the hydra splatling recently... it's fun to mow down tons of enemies

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Reply by 1D10T_P13


i used to be a diehard inkbrush main , mostly for the reason i had horrible aim , but now that i finally started to learn how to hit the far side of a barn , ive started gravitating more toward rollers and sloshers . i just like painting a ton fr :3

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Reply by meatbuuuuuns


n-zaps and splattershot jr's are my go-to's in both splatoon 2 (absolutely loved ink storm) and 3! in splatoon 1, i purely mained the neo-splash. (hard to believe nowadays since i barely use it, but the burst bomb and inkzooka set was gold.)

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Reply by Cheeselover43_0


I luvvvvv blasters

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Reply by Jammer439y8


I try to wield a variety of different weapons, as I believe that any weapon can be considered good with the right team setup and skill (two highly coordinated Undercover Brellas can easily mow down single targets lol). 

But currently my favorite weapons to use would be (but are not limited to), for each weapon class (in Splatoon 3 to avoid confusion)

Shooters: N-Zaps and Jet Squelchers 

Rollers: Krak-On Splat Roller

Chargers: Snipewriter 5H because I cannot aim using a normal charger, though I consider using the Bamboozler more often

Sloshers: I have not touched a slosher in a long time, but I would probably say Slosher Deco and maybe Tri Sloshers

Splatlings: Heavy Splatling Deco and Zink Mini Splatling

Dualies: Uh, Custom Dualie Squelchers, maybe 

Brellas: Tenta Brella and Undercover Sorella Brella 

Brushes: Octobrush and Painbrush Nouveau 

Blasters: Rapid Blaster Deco

Stringers: None, I am consistently bad at using stringers 

Splatanas: Given the choice between the only two options currently in the game, Splatana Wipers

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Reply by ratalise


I normally main the inkbrush but recently I've been playing with more guns since I want to get more stickers for my locker :D I used to main rollers at some point and I was okay at them, I guess?? 

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