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Posted by Olivia/Ollie


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Hey I'm 17 (as of this edit, January 2024) and I've been diagnosed with ADHD since second grade (American). I was wondering if people with autism and ADHD could tell me a bit about how they knew they had both instead of one or the other because I suspect I might have autism, but I don't want to like, jump to conclusions or anything in case I'm just exaggerating some personality traits and ADHD symptoms.

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Reply by sA+urN


Hey, I also have adhd (diagnosed in kindergarten),  but I too suspect that I may be autistic. I feel the exact same way you do, and I have been researching autism and how it goes with Adhd and how symptoms may mask each other and everything in between. I hope that this can get figured and I want to understand what Im feeling and if its just adhd, autism, or something more. I have known I have adhd for a while but I have been feeling like there is something more going on. I also relate to a ton of symptoms and when I take tests online they say im on the spectrum or medium/high symptoms. Sorry for rambling on, but im glad someone shares the same experience as me.

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