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Recommended Bands (my favorites)

Here’s a list of my favorite artists and the album or song I suggest to listen to first

  • Ghostt Bllonde-Demos and Discord-[This is fighting with AJJ as my favorite band of all time, they’re super underrated to the point where it’s a crime, I can’t think of a single bad track, and I’ve listened to nearly their entire discography, I still need to listen to their EP’s and radio tracks. If you like this album then definitely definitely check out Birthday Party, it’s a perfect album through and through. I’m so excited for the next time they tour and when they release their next album, their music genuinely means the world to me.]

  • The Doors-Morrison Hotel/The Soft Parade-[The stoner in me holds a lot of The Doors music very near and dear to my heart, because it reminds me of nights within these past months when I was higher than a kite and this was playing, making the experience even better. I will happily admit that some tracks sound like the goofiest thing imaginable when you’re sober, but I think that’s just classic Doors charm. Excited for that Warrior Cats MAP of The Soft Parade I will be so happy when it drops that I’ll die.]

  • AJJ-People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World-[This was my introduction to folk-punk, which is now my favorite genre, specifically Bad Bad Things. This album is the perfect encapsulation of how a panic attack feels, and it’s comforted me at my worst times. AJJ genuinely saved my life so I can forgive them for the TRAVESTY that was The Baby Panda that song is fucking ass never listen to it worst mistake of my life. AJJ’s other flaw is their habit to get a bit same-y with their instrumentals, and their lyrics to be a bit too jarring in some tracks, but the tracks that hit REALLY fucking hit. Knife Man is another wonderful album, I absolutely adore it and especially the final climactic track Big Bird, it’s fucking beautiful. There’s a lot of AJJ fans on this site though so y’all probably already knew this.]

  • The Mountain Goats-Bleed Out/No Children-[I found this band via Moral Orel (pls watch Moral Orel it’s such a good show) and it’s never been the same man. Bleed Out is my favorite album from them so far and it absolutely slaps, but their older stuff is haunting and beautiful and amazing. I saw them last winter, and it was incredible, and the best show I could ask for to be my first concert.]

I would love to discuss these groups cuz all of these take up so much of my brain i am so so so normal about music :]

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