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old skool kpop gems: the ultimate guide for kpop stans

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heyyy kpop fam!
welcome to my first blog post! Let's have a blast :D
This will be a short but sweet list of old skool kpop groups that every true blue kpop fan (or an ajumma kpop stan ;)) should know about. 

Let's get started! /^._.^/\

hey kpop stans, welcome to the ultimate old kpop group blog! are you ready for a throwback sesh to the old skool kpop? buckle up, cause we're about to take a wild ride down memory lane and revisit some of the legendary kpop groups that made history in the 90s and early 2000s.


starting of with....

S.E.S's Shoo: I think It Is Easier To Be A K-pop Star Now, But Also Easier  To Lose Your Popularity

s.e.s - the queens of kpop who took the scene by storm in 1997 with their powerful vocals, dynamic harmonies, and girl-next-door image. Their hit songs such as "I'm Your Girl," "Love," and "Dreams Come True" are still timeless classics that we can't get enough of. #SESForeverS. Korean band H.O.T. to reunite after 17 years
h.o.t - the pioneers of kpop boy groups who debuted in 1996 and dominated the scene with their high-energy performances, dynamic choreography, and catchy tunes. Their hit songs such as "Candy," "We Are the Future," and "Full of Happiness" are still bops that make us wanna dance till we drop.          

     K-Pop Debut Look Back: How Fin.K.L Became K-Pop Pioneers With An "Eternal  Love" 

fin.k.l - the goddesses of kpop who graced our ears with their smooth vocals and soulful ballads. With their signature sound and elegant image, fin.k.l quickly became one of the most successful kpop groups of the 90s. Their hit songs such as "Eternal Love," "Now," and "Bluish" are still timeless anthems that give us all the feels.  

지오디(god)-데뷔부터 국민그룹이 되기까지 : 네이버 블로그

g.o.d - the kings of kpop who debuted in 1999 and took the scene by storm with their amazing vocals, dynamic dance moves, and upbeat tunes. Their hit songs such as "To Mother," "One Candle," and "Friday Night" are still bops that make us wanna sing and dance along. 


baby v.o.x - the fierce females who brought the edge and sass to the kpop scene with their edgy image, funky beats, and powerful vocals. Their hit songs such as "Get Up," "Coincidence," and "Killer" are still jams that make us wanna rock out. 

School Anthem - Wikipedia

sechs kies - the six-piece squad who had us jumping and jamming to their electrifying performances, dynamic choreography, and catchy tunes. Their hit songs such as "Couple," "Road Fighter," and "Chivalry" are still bops that make us wanna dance all night long. 

what's your favorite old kpop group and why? 

let us know in the comments! <3

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Reply by yvesntual


s.e.s is def my fav theyre so cool!! i love all of them but i love s.e.s the most

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Reply by rachel ⋆˚✿˖°


love g.o.d sooo much

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Reply by apolaustic


OMG I love S.E.S so muchhh 

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Reply by meatbuuuuuns


sechskies!!! hunch is definitely one of my top old kpop songs-- maybe even the top of all kpop songs i know!

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Reply by peacespace


i really liked h.o.t because of their style haha but they had a lot of songs in my genre i liked

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