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Catboys vs Dogboys?

Who here like Dogboys? I need to know.

I like Dogsboys. They're loyal and lovable. My favorite Dogboy type is the Guard Dogboy.

The real question is: Catboys vs Dogboys?

I think Catboys and Dogboys would be friends. I've seen videos and GIFs of dogs and cats being friendly toward each other. It mostly ends up with dogs sitting on cats, but still.

I'd be cute.

So, thoughts and opinions?


If you like Dogboys, then comment your favorite Dogboy type.]

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Reply by beebo


putting 2 kings against each other is so cruel they should be kissing instead of fighting. i love them both but ofc i like cat boys more. i rly like golden retriever dogboys tho they r just so nice nd cute gah, nd theyll like get the newspaper for u. ig.

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