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how do people bleach their hair without looking like Hayley Paramore

i know that you can tone it to become blonde but how do people get their hair to be yellow after bleaching without melting their hair off
im a level 3 brown naturally and my hair's really thick and I bleached some of my hair and it made me look like a burnt dorito

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Reply by Ramona


when you're bleaching from a dark color, you go through orange before reaching blond. I bleached my hair from box-dye black a few years ago and actually decided to keep it orange for a while. 

bleaching the orange parts will give you a blonder color (but make sure to wait a few days between sessions to avoid super damaging your hair. also condition a lot after)

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Reply by xxRebellious_Emmaxx


In my case, it's simply due to being a light brunette naturally. My hair usually turns light yellow after bleaching, but luckily, purple shampoo exists to tone it to a cooler shade of light blonde.

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