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make an introduction to find friends!

Posted by ★ phantom !


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here you can post an introduction so people making/seeing introductions can see yours and become your friend !!

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Reply by ★ phantom !


★ a couple of things about me! 
⌕ age﹕17yrs! 
⌕ pronouns﹕he/they!
 ⌕ gender﹕genderqueer! 
★ here are some/most of my interests. 
‹𝟹: horror games/movies/media, video-games (minecraft, stardew valley, terraria, etc.), cute things, stuffed animals, true crime, metal/rock music, tech, alt fashion, playing electric guitar, aesthetics, nintendo consoles, witchcraft, reading, writing, etc! 
‹/𝟹: racism, homophobia, transphobia, rude, toxic, pretty much anything negative.
 ★ carrd : https://muhttz.carrd.co/

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Reply by ♡★dayton★♡


hai ^.^
name: dayton
age: 21
pronouns: he/they/she

some of my interests are:
-music in general!! i know thats very broad but it really means a lot 2 me no matter what genre its just awesome. u can see my fav artists/genres on my profile tho !
-I like nature and just walking around exploring
-some of my fav video games r super mario 64, guitar hero, minecraft, vib-ribbon, roblox, lego star wars, l4d2
-I also like 2 make music a little bit (lofi ambient mainly, but also random other things just messing around nothing serious :3)

i have terrible social skills and autistic so sorry if I either come off as realllyy anti-social at times, or overly hyper. i kinda flip between them sometimes. <3

dni list:
-please dni if u glorify or joke about self harm or other things
-if u post a lot of gore/blood type stuff
-racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc
-are a bigot in general

please friend me!!
itd make me most comfortable if u are around my age, but if not its ok! if ur under 17 pls dont expect us 2 be close friends or anything.

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Reply by Rocker_Girl_4Life


Hey My Name's Jared and I Never Fucking learned how to read...

Sorry lol Vine Reference XD 

My Name is TD! I'm 16, She/Her 

I'm interested in Music and Goats lol, I play guitar and my favorite bands are Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, and Green Day, as well as many many others, I also Own 19 Goats and theyre my babies

And I don't have a Dni list lol

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Reply by lumistii


hey !! 

name : levi

age : 16

pronouns : they/he

some things about me !! 

- i lovvvveee films !! i watch so many of them and i love to talk about how i felt about them overall 

- i also really enjoy music, i listen to plenty of genres 

- im really into video games, some of my favs are stardew valley, minecraft, overcooked, fnaf, call of duty, rainbow 6, roblox, unpacking simulator, slime rancher (1 and 2), and more !!

- i like to write a lot, but i get writers block quite often LMAO

- i also draw quite a bit, but i often go a long time without drawing because i just lose inspiration to do it lol

i dont really know how to start conversations with people bc i have the social skills of a bag of rocks, but i really like making friends so feel free to message me !! 

dni list :

racism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, intolerance in general 

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Reply by Eve the Homicidal Maniac


name: eve :P

age: 19!

pronouns: xe/xem/them!

  • i LOVE invader zim & popee the performer!!! i go crazy for creepy nostalgic things!
  • i like making OCs and writing abt them :3
  • really hard to describe my hobbies cuz im always trying new stuff out B| i have always and will always love art! most of the art i make is digital :D rn im trying to make dollhouses/miniatures!
  • i luv blood n guts
  • hyenas are my favorite animal heheheheeheheheehhehehehehehehehe and ants are my favorite bug!
  • i own a black cat and a tarantula!

i have trouble interacting w/ others mostly bc all my thoughts revolve around my interests ! if u like the same stuff i do, pls interact!

dni if u are transphobic or homophobic or racist or really anything along those lines - basic dni stuff. dni if you are proship! 

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